About our company

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support SMEs, such as Regional & Local Contractors/Developers, Small Builders & Specialist Trade Sub Contractors, to empower them to earn sustainable profit.

In providing our support, we shall set clear and distinct boundaries so you can realise your own true worth with confidence, enabling you to say no, when a business decision is not right for you.

To transform your Commercial Management and have readily available in the palm of your hand, our expertise, credibility and acumen.

Our Ethos

Our Ethos and work ethic, built up from over 40 year’s experience in the UK Construction Industry, almost inevitably, lead us to revert to basic Commercial Principals and apply Commercial Disciplines for you to make informed decisions about the direction of your business.

As a valued Core Client, with a successful business, our support shall help you focus upon the detail to help you develop and take your business to the Next Level.

Equally as a Core Client, with a business full of potential still to deliver against your aspirations, our support, shall assist in a financial health check in order to focus upon what is required to get it back on track.

When you are a Core Client, our experience shall enable your business to have a strategy agreed with you and in place, in order to allow you take back financial control.

Our Core Clients, can take a breath, and allow us to take stock of an issue or issues, review your options, that shall allow you to decide with confidence upon how to positively move forward.

Every Core Client can have the confidence, which after our support has reviewed your current and future Sub Contract Terms & Conditions, and agreed amendments with your Employer, there is a measured Risk Analysis, that can be part of your teams plan to deliver a successful and profitable project with a level playing field and not having to worry about the odds being stacked against you.


Our experience shall credibly and with complete confidence focus upon the profitability of your business with acumen and by agreeing milestones with you, to proactively and efficiently, manage, monitor and regularly report against agreed set performance.

We can help you to review:

  • your business overheads
  • your business site preliminaries
  • the real cost of running your business
  • rates cover and your true cost
  • whether your rates earn you sustainable profit
  • your (sub) contract terms to see if they’re fair and reasonable
  • whether you really need to accept retention or can you become retention free

A message from our director.

de director

“The establishment of Ad Valorem Commercial Management Consultants Ltd is the fulfilment of an ambition to bring an affordable service or a selection of affordable services readily to hand for any to SMEs such as Regional/Local and Small Builders and to Specialist Trade Sub Contractors.

It is our mission to assist, in our own small way, in the general levelling of the UK Construction playing field, so that when any SME or Sub Contractor are dealing with any day to day commercial matters or any matter that may become a potential issue with their client(s), albeit whether, a Main Contractor or National Housebuilder/Developer.

We are here to empower any business in the UK Construction Industry to earn a sustainable profit.

Without a sustainable profit, a business cannot plan for tomorrow and the UK Construction Industry shall always need to look ahead for tomorrow.”

David Gentry / Director