Are you tired of YOUR BUSINESS enduring; 1) Late Payments, 2) Bad Debt and 3) Negative Cash Flow then 4) you must NOW KNOW: it really does NOT have to be like this.

For some Business Owners in UK Construction Late Payment is much more thanjust being a few days late

No matter How Successful your Business – The consequences shall or can be:

1) Pay all of your bills without being paid properly yourself shall impact upon YOUR CASH FLOW

2) Miss one of your payments and this can then impact upon YOUR OWN CREDIT SCORE

3) Continue like this and over time YOUR BUSINESS shall become far more VULNERABLE TO FAILURE

A Fistful of Fifties

CAUTION ! even a well run and conscientious business is not adverse to falling foul of poor cash flow management for example growing exponentially means being able to have cash readily accessible and to hand.

Our 3 Top Tips

So Here is the good news and it has been to hand for some time, you just need the help of someone with the commercial expertise, credibility and acumen:

In this, what of is now our 6th Blog, we explore the Top 3 Tips which help and play their part in ensuring that Main Contractors & House Builders place YOUR PAYMENT at the TOP of their LIST EVERY MONTH.

It is a fact, that SMEs & Sub Contractors working in UK Construction if armed with a set of fair Sub Contract standard terms and conditions and which when sit alongside current regulations and legislation, provide considerable leverage in securing timely payments, and positive cash flow, all of which is readily to hand. All you need is the expertise to use this power wisely and this should avoid having to resort to adjudication or even worse litigation.

Our 3 Top Tips are:

1 Late Payments of more than 30 days can legitimately attract in excess of 8% interest

2 Late Payments can legitimately attract a penalty charge dependant upon value of the debt owed

3 Late Payments can legitimately attract the recovery of reasonable debt recovery costs

So why not talk with us @ Ad Valorem, and let your Sub Contract and current legislation Work For You

But FIRST……..

Everything we can do for YOU & YOUR Business must start at the point where YOU accept, that YOUR Business, shall benefit from seeking support, help, advice & action from someone else from outside YOUR Business, and that can make a genuine difference to YOU.

We understand that this can be the hardest step to take ………..

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Our Commitment to You

3 Key things which can enable change to YOUR BUSINESS

1 We can fine tune your Applications, maximising cash flow, creating genuine additional value and ensuring that your final accounts are always up to date and thus remove any concerns over negative cash flow.

2 We can fine tune your Sub Contract Administration, making sure that your records are relevant and issued to obtain maximum benefit and protection of YOUR Business.

3 We can police your Sub Contract Terms & Conditions, to ensure that YOUR Sub Contract shall work for YOU for a change, none of this is confrontational, it can be agreed with Main Contractors & House Builders, that are looking for a genuine working relationship in a calm and cool professional manner.