Our thinking, Our 3 easy Book Steps, Our 5 Top Tips – Our genuine offer to help SMEs & Sub Contractors

What is the thinking behind our FREE and WITHOUT OBLIGATION Service, which was launched Saturday 14th November 2020 and provides the opportunity of 4 number, 30 minute, purposely informal and relaxed conversation styled Consultations, for SME & Sub Contractor Business Owners *every Saturday Morning from 9:45 am to 11:45am.

Ad Valorem Commercial Management Consultants Ltd

Saturday Morning Surgery:

09:45am to 10:45am 10:15am to 10:45am 10:45am to 11:15am 11:15am to 11:45am

Our thinking;

The concept of our Saturday Morning Surgery, came from the realisation that many SME & Sub Contractor Business Owners, are in fact tremendously busy during the working week and therefore perhaps the only time that they may have readily available to them, in order to take a mindful break AWAY from their Business for clear thinking and balanced consideration with others, might very well be: Saturday Morning.

The responsibility of running a business although exhilarating at times, can also be a lonely and dark place particularly in difficult times and when anxiety can become an overwhelming factor through worry and concern over a particular problem or set of problems. We can just LISTEN or be there to act as a sounding board.

The process, when you are ready:

Therefore, Ad Valorem have endeavoured to make the process of booking a preferred time slot for a consultation, as straight forward and easy as possible, for any Business Owner, whom has made the decision to talk to someone about their concerns, no matter how difficult or awkward they may feel or may have felt in the past.

“What’s in it for me” – yes it really is free advice:

Remember a Saturday Morning Surgery Consultation is entirely: Free and Without Obligation with No Sales Pitch.

“So How Do i Find it and Book”

Visit our Website; advaloremltd.com/saturday morning surgery and go  direct to SATURDAY MORNING SURGERY

A time slot can be booked up to 14 days in advance – 24/7, so it can be Booked at any time during the day, whether in the office or in the evening while watching TV on the sofa or even in bed on those nights when you cannot sleep or find yourself walking the landing.

Our Calendly software allows you to Click on the Saturday of your choice, up to 14 days ahead, and then select one of the four time slots that are available *every Saturday between 9:45 am to 11:45am.

Once you have booked at time slot on the Calendly diary, you shall then receive an email with an invitation link to Your Zoom Call upon the selected Date & Time.

On Saturday morning, shortly before the prescribed time slot, click on the link and join Zoom for your Call.

If you would prefer to conduct your Consultation in any other way, perhaps upon your own preferred platform, rather than the default Zoom setting, then please let us know well in advance and we can then attempt to make the necessary alternative arrangements.

It really is that straight forward and if you do have any issues, then just pick up the phone.

Look we are always straight forward and approachable so here are 5 top tips before your call:

5 Top Tips. . . . . to get the most out of YOUR Saturday Morning Surgery:

If you can, why not try to:

  • Bring a cup of tea or coffee to the meeting, perhaps even with some toast or even biscuits? (I like chocolate digestives!)
  • Take five minutes out, before the call, to clear your mind and think about what is important to you, and what you will want to talk Make yourself a tea or coffee about, you might even want to make some notes?.
  • I will always turn my phone off or at least on to silent mode, so we are not interrupted, it may not be so easy for you.
  • Remember, after a brief introduction, our time together is entirely for you to talk about anything you wish, and is always in complete confidence.
  • Any advice we offer, is based solely upon the facts as you may see them, and as offered to us during our conversation.

*After our conversation: If there is anything else, that you do not  think to raise at the time, then you can come back to us directly  afterwards with one follow up question either by phone, direct  message or email – all of which is part of the Saturday Morning  Surgery.

 In the event, that if any Business Owner may decide to seek  further support from Ad Valorem, then this can be facilitated by  choosing any one of our Seven Standard Services or a  Service from our bespoke range. Details of these Services can be read on line via our Website with full and further details, including fees, being available upon request.

Our Seven Standard Services: are set out on our Website: OUR SERVICES, with Services Cards available detailing the precise Scope of Each Service upon request.

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* every Saturday, subject to availability please check the Calendly diary on our Website