A New Dawn in Sub Contractor Commercial Management – Empowering Business to Earn Sustainable Profit and to SAY NO when a business relationship is not right for them: Surround Yourself With The Right People & Get What you Deserve with over 40 years of Experience, Credibility and Commercial Acumen.


Our underlaying belief in everything WE do is to: EMPOWER SME & Sub Contractor Business Owners to EARN SUSTAINABLE PROFIT. By this WE mean to be sure of what your business actually costs to run: Your Overhead, Your Site Preliminaries, Your Measured Rates and ensure that Your Profit allows you to invest in the future of Your business and to allow You to draw a well deserved and hard earned dividend / salary

The Who, What, When & Why about Ad Valorem and our Blog

Ad Valorem Commercial Management

AVB: What is in it for YOU ?

Take the first step and speak with Ad Valorem about letting us work with you to manage the commercial elements of your business freeing up your time to concentrate upon what you excel at within your business – Have a Commercial Director working in your business for a fraction of a PAYE Equivalent.

AVB: Ad Valorem Blog – Who Is it for ?

As from Monday 30th November 2020, Ad Valorem Commercial Management Consultants Ltd are taking our Linked-in Posts Live and On Line for all but aimed specifically at SMEs & Specialist Trade Sub Contractors in the UK Construction Industry.

AVB; What is it for ?

Our Blog is designed as a Professional Forum for debate upon current topical subject matter from within UK Construction and which is impacting upon Specialist Trade Sub Contractors whom more often than not bare the burden of Risk and Expense of such matters as; Operational & Commercial Sub Contract Risk, Retention & Retention Management, Covid-19, Late Payment, Non Certification for Payment, Poor Programme & Contract Management by Employers.

AVB: When on Linked-in, we keep it brief

The AVB shall allow us to expand upon in further relevant detail about the topics that we first raise and discuss on Linkedin with our network of connections and followers.

AVB : Why we shall use this for a Platform for Retention Reform

Ad Valorem are proposing to promote Retention Reform on this Blog as a Flagship Topic and Subject Matter, right at the same time as the UK comes out of Lockdown 2.0 and into the 3 tiered system from 2nd December 2020 and beyond. We explicitly believe with full conviction, that for those National House Builders / Developers & Main Contractors whom are projecting record Sales, Profits and Cash Reserves during 2020 their must come Responsibility to those whom have enabled this financial windfall ie their Sub Contractors by radical and hitherto unprecedented steps such as: Retention Reform and the release of: 1. ALL long outstanding Retention Monies held from Completed Projects, 2. Agreement to Release 50% of all current Retention held, 3. To Cap Retention @ 1.50% upon All Sub Contracts over £ 250,000 and with All Sub Contracts under the Gross Value of £ 250,000 to be NOT to withhold Retention for anything longer than a period of 6 Calendar Months from Completion of the Sub Contract Works on Site.


We shall be launching the Ad Valorem Blog, with an OPEN LETTER to the Minister Responsible for Construction: Nadhim Zahawi MP with the aim to lobby Government for RETENTION REFORM with a targeted 10,000 signatures, to obtain a Government Response, and thereafter 100,000 signatures, in order to have a Question to be raised in Parliament.

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AV Director – David Gentry

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