Empowering businesses to earn 
sustainable profit.



Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying Business Support to SMEs and Sub Contractors. Have a Commercial Director working within YOUR BUSINESS for a fraction of the actual cost of a PAYE Equivalent.

What’s most important to you? 

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More earnings?

Our Commercial Director service costs a fraction of a full-time PAYE Equivalent

Earn the money you deserve.

As your commercial director we make the true cost and value of running your business, crystal clear. Our expertise shall help you understand your overheads, preliminaries, rates and profit in order to get what you deserve.

More time?

Our expertise allows you to have more time focusing on what you’re passionate about. 

Your time is valuable.

Running a successful business requires much more than just passion for your trade and skills. Surround yourself with the right people to assist and you will have more time to work on your business and excel at what you are good at.

Get what you deserve.

Time to get started.

Reap the rewards of your hard work and sacrifice. From now, you’ll earn sustainable profit, make deals with fair terms and conditions and you can expect regular and full payments, on time and without retention.

Leave the commercial expertise in your business to us – we’ll take it from here.

Our services / what we can offer you.

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Our Services

We offer seven core services. We also provide specific advice on all relevant and current topics from within the UK Construction Industry. All of this is designed to empower your business to earn sustainable profit. 

You can expect:


Affordable Monthly Flat Fee's


Positive Return On Investment


40 + years' of experience in the palm of your hand

Client feedback


“From our first conversation Ad Valorem were approachable, listened and completely understood our situation, their advice was straight forward and uncomplicated”

“Nothing that we explained was a surprise to Ad Valorem, they got straight to the

point of our problem and helped us focus on what mattered”

“Having someone take care of our interests and argue our case simply, was such a

relief and they made it look so easy”

“in truth, we had our head in the sand, we have never relied upon someone else

before, Ad Valorem are now our trusted advisor”

About us / How we can benefit you. 

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Our Ethos is that we empower businesses to earn sustainable profit.


We are Ad Valorem*.

Our Principal Director has over 40 years’ experience within the UK Construction Industry.

This includes working for International and National Main Contractors, National UK House Builders, Regional Main Contractors, Local Contractors and Small Builders, Building Maintenance and Niche Specialist (Sub) Contractors.

*The definition of Ad Valorem is from the Latin meaning: to the value or the value of money.


Using a low-cost business overhead model, we can offer your business the service of a Commercial Director working within your business for a fraction of a full PAYE Equivalent.

Using our service will allow you to focus upon your own specific skills and you’ll readily have to hand our trusted Commercial Experience, Credibility and Acumen.